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Module 4

1. How can you start earning as a Photographer.
2. In-depth Coaching & Mentoring by Ayush Das in the genre of your choice.
3. Interactive Session, analysis of your genre-specific work.
Bonus: Live interaction with prominent make-up artist, hair stylist and fashion stylist.

Basics of Photography

Module 1

1. Discovery: Explore Photography as a career or hobby.
2. Explore the different genres of photography
3. Enhance your ability to view subjects through the eyes of a photographer.
4. Learn the basic functions of the camera.
5. Learn Ayush's Do's and Don'ts of photography
6. Interactive Session.
Bonus: Interact with a Celebrity One to gain perspective of what it's like being photographed.

Intermediate Photography

Module 2

1.Develop confidence as a Professional photographer.
2.Discover your strengths and find which genre of photography is right for you.
3.Learn Ayush's secrets to Framing and Composition (in detail)
4. Interactive Session with Ayush Das
5. Learn to Communicate with other creative artists.
6. Start building your very First portfolio.
Bonus: Interact with a Celebrity Two to gain perspective of what it's like being photographed.

Colour Grading & Basics of Editing

Module 3

1. Learn the types of softwares used for professional photo grading.
2. Understanding workflow before you begin editing.
3. Ayush's Tips & Tricks of using Lightroom and Capture One.

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